Images from Jibberjazz's Madsummer Meltdown 2017

In June I attended another JibberJazz festival, the 8th annual "Madsummer Meltdown" fest. Many bands on multiple stages, with nearly continuous live music playing from Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. Plus all the camping, partying, light shows, fire dancers, vendors, food, tie-died t-shirts, costumes, bumper stickers, painting, artwork, kids, dogs and friendly people you could possibly want, topped off with a parade.

One drawback was that it rained on and off during the weekend, especially on Friday. So most of my pictures from this festival are from the Indoor Jamhouse, mainly of the late-night bands and light shows. I still got some decent shots, the best of which are presented here.

If you want to see some photos and text from previous festivals, I put up a bunch of pictures from last year's Some Kind of Jam 11.

I also wrote up a lengthy diary of Some Kind of Jam 10, complete with a boatload of pictures.

As always, everyone I met at the festival was really nice, although I generally spent more time watching the bands than socializing.

Anyway, here are some pictures:

Sidecar Agogo's guitarist's son climbs up on stage The son of the guitarist for Sidecar Agogo decided that he was going to climb up on stage and hug his dad during the performance. Mom had to come retrieve him.

The Brothers Gow light show The band The Brothers GOW brought their own light show - here's a view of it from along the left wall of the Indoor Jamhouse.

A view of the Brothers Gow light show from the middle of the audience A view of the Brothers Gow light show from the middle of the audience.

The lights at the entrance to the Indoor Jamhouse The entrance to the Indoor Jamhouse was decorated with lots of lights - this is the view from inside the Jamhouse.

The Underground Horns perform at the Musical Madness stage with guest trombonist The Underground Horns on the Musical Madness stage are joined by the trombonist from Emefe.

Emefe with light show The funky party band Emefe stole the show Saturday night. Here's their unusual stage set-up with the drummer in front and light show behind.

The shadows of Emefe members projected on the wall behind the stage Because Emefe had most of the band members lined up along the back of the stage, they projected some neat shadows on the wall. I actually saw a band member taking a picture of the shadows during the show.

A shot of Emefe from front row center I got this "action" shot of Emefe from the center of the front row of the audience.

Emefe playing in the audience At the end of their set, the members of Emefe came down off the stage and played the end of their last song in the middle of the audience. This was the best picture I could get of it.

View from the back of the Indoor Jamhouse The view from the back of the Indoor Jamhouse.

The band Strange Mechanics are given a cool light show of morphing green blobs The band Strange Mechanics are given a cool light show of morphing green blobs.

Black Masala's vocalist and trombonist in the audience Another shot of the Strange Mechanics light show, this time colored blocks of light.

The band Marbin and their light show A band that is quickly becoming one of my favorite live bands ever, Marbin, played the god-awful 3am to sunrise set. Here's a slightly blurry shot from early in the set.

Another shot of Marbin with guitarist playing pickless and saxophonist on drums I took this shot when the sax player switched briefly to drums and it ended up being the best picture I got of Marbin.

A shot of Marbin with the stage clock showing 5am This isn't a good picture by any means, but I took it to prove that I hung in there with Marbin until 5am. At that point the sun was rising and birds were chirping, so I went back to my tent to sleep. The set ended a few minutes later.

The community painting board sits in front of the stage while the Urban Wolf Symphony plays Wrapping things up, a shot from a beautiful and ultra-relaxed Sunday afternoon with the community painting board in front of the stage while Urban Wolf Symphony plays some jazz.

And that's it. I didn't get as many photos from this festival as I usually do, partly because of the rain but mostly because I kept forgetting to carry the camera around with me. Since I was in shorts and a t-shirt most of the weekend, I didn't really have pocket space to carry it. Oh well, I still got a few good shots. Hope you enjoyed them.