Last updated: Jan 1st, 2017
Note: The below directions are for computers running Windows - if you're a Mac user, you'll have to figure out how to translate this to Apple on your own.

This page details how I was able to pull the 5.1 surround sound mix of the album Meddle out of the blu-ray disc of the Reverber/ation set from Pink Floyd's Early Years 1965-1972 boxed set. I don't consider this "bootlegging" in any way, because although they might not have wanted us to hear it, the fact is they "accidentally" included it in the set. They just made it difficult to get to since it can't be reached from the disc's menu when you play it.

So how does one hear it? Well, first off you're going to need a computer with a blu-ray drive. I had to go out and buy a $95 external blu-ray read/write drive just to do this, so that makes this 5.1 Meddle mix the most expensive part of the boxed set for me. I used Christmas money I got from my in-laws to buy it, and I probably would have ended up getting one eventually anyway, so no big deal.

You're also going to need something to put the files on that can be played in a regular blu-ray player, or the ability to play 5.1 music from your computer. Since I just have a standard blu-ray player hooked up to my home theater, the latter option wouldn't work for me. My home theater blu-ray player has a USB input, so my first option was to put the 5.1 files on a USB stick and play them that way. That worked, but I really wanted them on a disc, so I figured out how to do that as well.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First I should give credit to this page for pointing me in the right direction. If you scroll down to comment #67, it mentions software called DVDFab. It's paid software, but you can use it on a trial basis for 30 days, which should be plenty of time to get this extraction done. Note that the current version of DVDFab is 10, but the directions on that page specified DVDFab 9, so that's what I downloaded and installed.

Once the software was installed, I hooked up my new external blu-ray drive and put the Reverber/ation blu-ray disc in. Firing up DVD Fab 9 and stepping through its opening dialog screens, I eventually got to this screen:

screen 1

Note that we're on the "Copy" tab, not the "Ripper" tab, and the choice on the left under the blue icon says "Main Movie". If the selected choice doesn't say that, click the icon and pick "Main Movie".

Under the list of contents, "Main Feature(s)" is selected by default. That's the stuff you can get to from the menu (i.e. the main bulk of the blu-ray disc), so we don't want that. Under "Other", the first choice is a little under 47 minutes long and split into 6 tracks. Sounds like Meddle doesn't it? So I selected the radio button marked "1". Note the "Save to" box at the bottom that allows you to specify where to put the output files. I chose the "Users\Owner\Documents\DVDFab9" option, but you can put them wherever you want. Just don't specify the blu-ray drive as the output - I accidentally did that once and it errored out because I already had a read-only disc in the drive. Once everything was set up, I clicked the "Start" button.

Now, the first time I ran this I didn't specify a particular track, so the software pulled the entire album and made it into one big, 7 GB file. I was trying to put it on a USB stick at the time, and the stick in question had a maximum file size of 4 GB. So, back to the drawing board.

I started over, and this time after selecting radio button "1", I hovered the mouse over the area where lists the number of tracks. That made drop-down boxes appear that allowed me to specify which tracks I wanted to pull. By default, it was track 1 through track 6. I changed it to 1 - 1 and clicked Start again. Note that you can also hover over where it says "EN, EN" to specify which audio format you want to pull. The default is English 5.1 DTS, so you can leave that alone (or check it to confirm).

screen 2

When the program was done pulling the file (which took a minute or two), I went to the folder specified in "Save to", and according to that page I linked to above, there should be a sub-folder in there calld BDMV and a sub-folder under that called STREAM. I looked, and the actual full path was Users\Owner\Documents\DVDFab9\MainMovie\REVERBERATION_1971\BDMV\STREAM, but in that folder there was a file called "00001.m2ts". That's "One of These Days" in 5.1. I renamed it "01OneOfTheseDays.m2ts" and moved it to a seperate folder I had created called "Meddle5.1" (in the screen shot, it's just below the DVDFab folder structure).

screen 3

When it finished extracting the song, DVDFab ejected the disc from the blu-ray player. I put the disc back in, clicked the "OK button to close the "Extraction Complete" message and then clicked the "Finish" button to go back to the main screen in DVDFab. Then I selected radio button 1, tracks 2-2 and hit "Start". This time I got a warning messge that the file structure for the disc already existed on my hard drive - I just picked the "Replace Existing Folders" option and hit "OK". That created another "00001.m2ts" file in the same STREAM folder for the song "Fearless". I renamed that "02Fearless.m2ts" and moved it to the "Meddle5.1" folder.

I repeated that process until I had a folder with all six songs from the album in it: screen 4

I was able to copy all those files to my USB thumb drive, plug it into my home theater blu-ray player and it worked - I could listen to the album in 5.1 surround. Note that the blu-ray player gave me the option of looking for video files or audio files on the USB drive. I picked "audio" at first and it said it couldn't find any. Apparently my player considers these video files.

I wasn't 100% happy with the USB solution, so I became determined to burn the music to a disc. Turns out that can be done with DVD Fab as well. Click on the "Creator" tab at the top of the screen. I think it defaults to "DVD Creator", so you may have to click on the blue icon and pick "Blu-ray Creator". I tried to make a DVD at first, and while it burned the files to a DVD, the result for some reason played back at half-speed, possibly because it had to compress the files to make them fit on a DVD. When I tried to burn to a Blu-ray disc, it worked.

screen 5 As the screen says, you can use the "+" button to add the files you want to burn, or you can just drag and drop them from File Explorer. I went with the latter option. Make sure the files are listed in the right order - after I added them they were all jumbled up. You can click and drag them to the correct positions.

screen 6

With the files in place, make sure the "Save to" box is pointing at your blu-ray drive, put a blank blu-ray disc in the drive and click "Next". Oh, you might have to change the setting in the "Output" dropdown first. I think it defaults to "BD50". My discs were 25 GB discs, so I assumed the option I wanted was BD25 1080p/i, and that one worked for me.

screen 7

Next you'll get the default main menu screen. I clicked on the image of a roll of film unspooling on the right side and hit the delete key to delete it. Then I double-clicked on the "My Blu-Ray" text and changed it to "Meddle 5.1". I changed the text of "Play" to "Play All", and "Scenes" to "Select Track". Note that in each case, changing the text shrunk the text entry box down to about the size of half a character, so I had to grab the right edge of the box with the mouse and drag it to the right to widen the box enough to read the full text. You can also change the color, font and size of the text if you want to.

I found an image of the Meddle album cover online, saved it, clicked the image button in DVD Fab (looks like a mountain with the sun over it) and then the "+" picture on the right to change the background of the menu to the Meddle cover. I also made the text a little bigger, changed its color to dark blue and changed the font to "Rockwell" just to make it easier to read. Then I re-arranged everything to new locations. The end result looked like this:

screen 8

You can use the right-arrow button (near the "change background" button) to look at each sub-menu that lists the track titles and change those as well, if you want to.

When you have everything looking the way you want, click the Next button. You have to give the disc a Volume Title (how it will show up in computer file systems). I tried setting mine to "Meddle 5.1", but it didn't like the period in there. So I just went with "Meddle51". Then you have to pick the Playback Mode. I just let it default to "Start from Menu and play all titles sequentually", with "Rewind when done" unchecked.

Click the "Start" button, and if all goes well within an hour or so (depending on the speed of your blu-ray burner), you should be all set.

The disc I burned wasn't perfect. There was a gap between songs, which was only really noticable as "One of These Days" went into "Fearless" and the wind noise, which should be continuous, stopped for a second or two. The disc would also occasionally pause or even freeze up during a song, but I think that was just a problem with the cheap Blu-ray player that I was playing it back on.

In order to get rid of that gap between the first two songs, I used DVDFab to rip the album again, this time doing all six tracks at once, so I ended up with one big file that contained the whole album. I created a new Blu-ray project in DVDFab using that file, plus each of the individual song files. There was a little room left on the disc, so I also pulled the quad mix of Echoes from the Reverber/ation set and included that too. I set up the menus and burned the whole thing to a new disc, and it plays perfectly without the "hiccups" that the other disc had. Now I can listen to the whole album seamlessly in 5.1, or just a particular song, or the quad Echoes, all on one disc. Nice.

One other oddity is that when I hit the "next track" button on my remote, the disc doesn't go to the next track. It just jumps ahead to the next 5 minute mark of whatever file I'm listening to. So if it's an individual song file, it goes to 5 minutes into the song. If the song is less than 5 minutes long or there's less than five minutes left in the song, the "next track" button gives me an "operation unavailable" message. I guess that 5 minute "chapter" length is the default built into DVDFab - I couldn't find a way to change it. For the full album file and the 20+ minute Echoes files, it'll jump to the 5 minute mark, then 10 minute, 15 minute, 20 minute, etc, and if I need to zero in on something more specifically than that, I can use the fast-forward or rewind buttons from one of those points. Kind of an annoying little glitch, but I can live with it.

Oh, and the trial version of DVDFab puts their logo in the upper left corner of the screen as a watermark. It goes away after a few minutes, but returns with each new file/song. If that's a deal breaker you'll have to find some other software to burn your Blu-ray disc. I can't imagine why it would be a problem, since the only other thing on the screen is the song title and these "videos" are meant to be listened to, not watched. Just out of curiosity, I looked into getting the paid version of DVDFab but they want over $200 for it. That's way more money that I was planning on spending on this little project.

I hope this little tutorial helped some other Floyd fans to hear this nice 5.1 surround mix of Meddle. It took me a few days to figure it out, since I'm not a computer audio/video wizard, so I figured I should share the knowledge.