Bowling Instructions

(Copied directly from original game manual)

Try to avoid gutterballs as you aim for strikes and spares in this challenging sports game.

1. Slide ON/OFF switch up to ON. The option selection screen appears. (Simulator starts on the option selection screen - see NOTE below)
2. Press PLAYERS to select the number of players (1 or 2).
3. Press SPEED to select the speed of the ball across the screen (Fast or Slow).
4. Press GO to see the frame number.
5. Press GO to set up the pins for the first frame. The ball appears on the screen.
6. Press BOWL to throw the ball down the alley when you think it is in the best position to knock down the most pins.
7. You'll see the ball knocking down the pins.
8. When the ball returns to you, press BOWL to release the second ball. If you got a srike on your first ball, you won't get a second ball unless you're playing the 10th frame. When you get a strike with your first ball in the 10th frame, you get two additional balls to score extra points. When you get a spare in the 10th frame, you get one additional ball.
9. Your score appears on the screen after all the balls for the frame have been bowled. A plus sign (+) indicates that you have bowled a strike or a spare and that points from your next ball or balls will be added to your score for this frame.
10. Press GO to see the frame number and status. A slash (/) indicates that you have bowled a spare in the previous frame. An "X" indicates that you have bowled a strike. Two "X"s indicate two strikes in a row.
11. Scoring: You get one point for every pin you knock down plus bonuses for strikes and spares. A spare is scored when you knock down all 10 pins with both balls. For a spare, you get 10 points plus the number of pins knocked down by the next ball. A strike is scored when the first ball knocks down all ten pins. For a strike frame, you get 10 points plus the number of pins knocked down by the next two balls.
12. Press GO again to reset the pins.
13. You'll hear a signal at the end of the game.
14. Press GO to return to the option selection screen.

Remember to turn the power off when not playing the game.

NOTE: The game's original on/off switch is not simulated - the simulator is always "on". To simulate the effect of turning the game off and back on (to abandon a game that's not going well), use the browser's refresh button. Also, the simulator does not currently feature sound, so you will not hear a signal at the end of the game.

Note: Simulator JavaScript tested against IE6, IE7 and Firefox. It has been reported not to work with a Mac Safari browser, and may not work with others. User assumes all risk.

Simulation Options
Show "Vapor Trails"
Run at Half Speed


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