Frank Zappa - As An Am (Recorded live in Koln, Germany 1982, and the Halloween show, 1981 at the Palladium, NYC)

That Makes Me Mad   0:51
Young & Monde (aka Let's Move to Cleveland)   11:24
Sharleena   9:09
Black Napkins   3:58
The Black Page   7:12
The Torture Never Stops 11:03
Total Time: 43 min, 37 sec

Finally, we reach the end of the Beat the Boots series, with another disc from the first boxed set. It's a shame that no concerts from the 1984 or especially the 1988 tours were released, but oh well, what ya gonna do?

The sound quality on this disc is listenable if not great, and the music is mostly instrumental with long guitar solos. But for some reason, it's not one of my favorites from the Boots series. Probably because there are better versions of all these songs available elsewhere.

That Makes Me Mad is actually a short interview clip, where Frank explains how much he dislikes bootlegs. Took a real smart-ass bootlegger to include that. Young & Monde is the same song as Let's Move to Cleveland, they just sing "So young and monde!" instead of "Let's move to Cleveland!". Apparently, that song had many different versions of the title line over the years (there's also "Kreega Bondola"). This version of Sharleena is a little forgettable. The performances of Black Napkins and The Black Page are both highlights of the disc. Then the album closes with yet another version of The Torture Never Stops - I just can't work up any enthusiasm for it.

If you really like the early 80s band and Zappa guitar solos, then you should probably pick this one up (if you can find it). Otherwise, don't worry about it unless you're a completist collector.

Album Cover

Image of the As An Am album cover