Zappa/Mothers - Disconnected Synapses (Recorded Live, Dec. 15th 1970, in Paris)

The Sanzini Brothers   1:25
Penis Dimension   9:50
The Air   3:53
Dog Breath   2:03
Mother People   2:18
You Didn't Try to Call Me     3:35
King Kong 31:38
Who are the Brain Police?     6:27
Total Time: 61 min, 13 sec

Yet another album from the Beat the Boots II series. I never really noticed it before, but the Boots series seems to have concentrated almost entirely on the original Mothers and the Flo and Eddie period. There's still two more F&E Boots to go after this one, and one of those is a double! (and possibly the best of the series, IMHO).

Disconnected Synapses has pretty decent sound quality - not professional release quality, but very listenable. The album starts off with an oddball track - Zappa announces that the amplifiers aren't ready yet, "so here's the Sanzini Brothers!". The band plays some circus music and Flo and Eddie cavort about the stage for a couple minutes. Goofy but fun.

After that we get a preview of the upcoming 200 Motels album, with the song Penis Dimension. It's a song about what to do if you're uncomfortable about the size of your sexual equipment (with advice for both men and women). It's funny, the music is good, and Flo and Eddie sing it with gusto, but it's not something you want to play if anyone with delicate sensibilities is in the room.

Next we get a medley of songs from early albums. It's a nice mix of songs and the performance is good, but I wouldn't buy the album just for those songs. However, I probably would buy it for the performance of King Kong that follows. It's a long version (even for this song, which usually runs long) - over half an hour altogether. It features some great keyboard work from George Duke and nice violin playing from Jean-Luc Ponty.

Finishing the album is a killer version of Who Are the Brain Police. It's not as weird as the original studio version, but it rocks much, much harder. I've seen this cut criticized for taking an inventive studio piece and making "cock rock" out of it, but I think I prefer this to the studio version. It may be a mindless, heavy version, but it kicks ass.

Album Cover

Image of the Disconnected Synapses album cover