Rare Meat - Early Works of Frank Zappa

(The Del Fi recordings)

Song Artist Year Length
How's Your Bird? Baby Ray and the Ferns 1963 2:11
The World's Greatest Sinner Baby Ray and the Ferns 1963 2:27
Every Time I See You The Heartbreakers 1964 2:34
Letter From Jeepers Bob Guy 1964 2:23
Dear Jeepers Bob Guy 1963 2:28
Cradle Rock The Heartbreakers 1964 2:54
Total Time: 14 min, 57 sec

In the mid-1990s, someone got ahold of the rights to a handful of songs that the pre-fame Zappa had worked on at Paul Buff's studio and which had been released on the Del-Fi label. That was at the height of my buying-anything-even-tangenitally-related-to-Zappa phase, so I bought this CD.

It's not really worth having, and definitely not worth tracking down unless you're a hard-core collector. It only features six songs, two of which are goofy Halloween novelty tracks. The other four have some interesting moments, but don't really sound very "Zappa-like".

A couple years later I found an expensive Japanese import disc called Cucamonga Years that featured all these songs plus another half dozen more interesting early Zappa works. That one's up next, so see that page for more details about these early tracks.

Album Cover

Image of the Rare Meat album cover