Frank Zappa - Saarbrucken 1978 (Recorded live, 9/3/78 in Saarbrucken)

Dancin' Fool 3:42
Easy Meat 5:05
Honey, Don't You Want a Man Like Me 4:15
Keep it Greasy 3:31
Village of the Sun 6:20
The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 3:45
City of Tiny Lights 6:43
Pound For a Brown 6:36
Bobby Brown 2:56
Conehead 3:33
Flakes 5:02
Magic Finger 2:30
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow 3:52
Nanook Rubs It 1:47
Saint Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast / Rollo   6:53
Bamboozled By Love 6:34
Total Time: 73 min, 3 sec

Another Beat the Boots entry (from the first boxed set) which chronicles early live versions of songs that would come out over the next few albums, and does so with only fair sound quality. This one would join At the Circus in the "collectors only" pile, except that it's got a really nice version of Village of the Sun on it, complete with a beautiful extended instrumental ending and guitar solo. And the high-energy version of Pound For a Brown with a ripping keyboard solo at the end kicks ass as well. There's also the extended ending of the Yellow Snow suite, with new lyrics (given the title Rollo here) - this went unreleased for years until it showed up on volume one of the Stage series.

On the negative side, there's a really bad edit in the middle of Conehead - the pitch changes, the tempo changes, it's very jarring. And the performances of some of the songs sound rather uninspired.

But Frank is my hero for one comment he makes - at one point he tells the people in the front to "sit down so the people behind you can see. Come on, we're gonna be here for a while - sit down". Ah, someone with some common sense.

Note that although the Rhino CD says "Saarbrucken 1979" on the spine, the original bootleg cover says "1978", and the show was actually recorded in 1978. Someone at Rhino must have screwed up.

All in all, I'd say that this disc is worth picking up if you can find it for a decent price. For some reason, all the stores in my area had it priced at over $20 - until I opened it up I thought it must have been a two CD set.

Album Cover

Image of the Saarbrucken album cover