Zappa / Mothers - Unmitigated Audacity (Recorded Live, 5/12/74 at Notre Dame University)

Dupree's Paradise / It Can't Happen Here   3:12
Hungry Freaks, Daddy 2:46
You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here   2:44
How Could I Be Such a Fool 3:42
I Ain't Got No Heart 2:20
I'm Not Satisfied 2:18
Wowie Zowie 3:18
Let's Make the Water Turn Black 2:23
Harry, You're a Beast 0:53
Oh No 8:15
More Trouble Every Day 7:53
Louie Louie 1:55
Camarillo Brillo 5:07
Total Time: 46 min, 46 sec

Avoid this album, pure and simple. Unless you're a completist collector, you don't need this album. It's far and away the worst sounding entry in the Beat the Boots series - it sounds like it was recorded with a microphone that was wrapped in cloth, placed in a shoebox and dumped in a trash can two blocks from the venue, and a tape recorder that had been used continuously for several years and never cleaned once. To add insult to injury, the CD is a transfer from vinyl, complete with pops, clicks and scratches. It is so miserable that I can't believe it was officially released. Not only released, but made part of the widely available first Boots series, instead of the hard-to-find second series. If any poor fool wandered into a record store and decided to pick this up as his first Zappa album, he probably never bought another.

The only reason this was released at all is because it's sort of historical. The band was on their "10th anniversary of the Mothers" tour, so they played a lot of older material, particularly stuff from the first album. So the title Unmitigated Audacity is misleading - it comes from a phrase used in the lyrics to a song on the most recent Zappa album (of that time), Apostrophe('). But no songs from that album actually appear on the boot. In fact, the only 70s songs featured at all are Camarillo Brillo and the Dupree's Paradise main melody that opens the disc. There's also a very short bit of soloing over the chord progression from Louie Louie that doesn't appear on any official album, but it's nothing to get excited about.

In summary: Terrible recording of a decent show, but one that is surprisingly "nostalgic" for FZ. Only worth picking up for historic interest to collectors. All others should avoid.

Album Cover

Image of the Unmitigated Audacity album cover